Controlling Your Company’s Share of Voice Online

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As a Digital Marketing Consultant, I meet with businesses in a variety of industries (Lawyers, Dentists, Retailers, Restaurant Owners and more).  When we have our initial meeting, we discuss their experience with advertising and one of the questions I always ask is, “What is your experience with online reviews?”

I often hear how they have used reviews in their own personal search online for products/services and a few are savvy enough to know if they have reviews written about their business or not.  To date, I have only met one or two business owners that understand the importance of making online reviews a part of their online marketing strategy.  Better yet, few have ever even responded to one of the reviews about their business… good or bad.  So WHO is really in control of their share of voice online?  The consumer or the business owner?  


If you have bad reviews sitting out there and you haven’t responded to them, you are doing yourself a dis-service.  Consider taking control of your share of voice online by utilizing an Advanced Reputation Management Service.  To learn more about this subject, read these two articles below:


To see how one bad review can play out, watch this video below.

Rep Man Story on News

Click here to watch now.

If you would like to discuss making Reputation Management a part of your online strategy, let’s talk!  It’s less than you might think and much more powerful than you can imagine!  Business owners who embrace this strategy now will be far ahead of their competition in the future!


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