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A Brief Introduction

My name is John Vakidis and over the last 7 years I have been a student and practitioner of online marketing.  I learned through real-life application and the school of hard knocks.  But YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO THROUGH what I did!


I helped the last company I work for make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS using some of the very techniques described in this book.  Now I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant and I help small-medium business owners JUST LIKE YOU every day!


How I can help YOU…

If you have never tried marketing on the internet, then this book is going to be a great resource for YOU.  You’ll receive valuable information that will help you decide if you should be doing certain aspects by yourself or hiring a professional, like me!


Additionally, if you are more seasoned with online marketing, then this book will be a great refresher!   I bet you’ll learn a thing or two.  With new technologies coming out every day, there is bound to be something you are not currently doing now.  I imagine at least one of these chapters will help stretch your mind to achieve new heights!


Regardless of your experience level ,

I’m confident that you’ll benefit from this content!


But wait, there’s more!

In addition to writing this easy to read, informative content for you, I have inserted several hyperlinks throughout to extend your learning.  I have provided you with easy access to blog articles, links to videos and more.

This e-book will take you through powerful  concepts that will help you increase sales should you decide to implement what you learn.


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Some of the topics I’ll cover

in this e-book include…

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization


Mobile Sites

Landing Pages


Email Marketing

Text Marketing


Reputation Management

And More!

So what do you have to lose?

Absolutely Nothing!




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I am confident that you’ll enjoy the read.  But don’t just take it from me….


John Vakidis helps small-medium businesses get a running start on their path to marketing success. John organizes his 7 tips in a way that any business owner can gain a working understanding of the most effective methods for reaching their customer and turning that outreach into sales.

Vontoba Terry, Corporate Banker, Entrepreneur

 – – –

John Vakidis presents a comprehensive road map combined with sound, practical advice for small business owners to navigate the world of on-line marketing.  His concise messages and targeted recommendations are further enhanced in the e-book format, with links that go in more depth on numerous topics!  Small business owners can learn a lot about on-line marketing from John Vakidis.

 Jennie Goldstein, CEO and Executive Personal Chef,, Dallas, Texas

– – –

There is no doubt that digital marketing is today’s most powerful  and indispensable tool in reaching the consumers. That’s why I am so glad that I met John. He showed and convinced me the vast potential of what this tool can do for my business and how he can make it happen. With the expected sales growth, very reasonable budget, and excellent service from John and his team, I know I made the right decision.

– Joann Molina, Owner of Restyle

Women’s Consignment Boutique – Frisco, Texas

– – –

Every start up entrepreneur and business owner should to read this guide cover to cover, twice. It will give you the knowledge and necessary steps you should take to develop a strong digital marketing foundation for your company.

– Dan Stricklin, President-The Centurion Group 

 – – –

The e-book “7 Tips Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know About Online Marketing” is a powerhouse of information on all the facets of online marketing. John clearly presents the latest in online marketing processes, strategies, and helpful recommendations in an informative coaching manner. This book is for the novice online marketer just getting started; the frustrated intermediate who needs to cross the next hurdle in online marketing and the outdated expert who doesn’t know what they don’t know. Get the book. Do it right the first time. End the frustration. Take major strides forward from an online expert who delivers the goods the right way, the first time, every time.

– Jeff Brewer
COO – The Schwab Organization
Author: How to Process One Idea into Life Changing Results

– – –

A small business owner can quickly find him or herself lost in a sea of marketing “advice”. This book breaks online marketing down to what you really need to know and how to implement it in your business. Don’t waste any more time or money…read “7 Tips Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know About Online Marketing” now!
-Luke Williams
Attorney and Managing Partner,
Barnett Howard & Williams PLLC 
– – –

John has been a man of integrity since the beginning of our working  relationship and this e-book is filled with great insights and resources for helping anyone learn and capitalize from the rapidly changing world of social media and web based marketing. 

-Matt Edwards
COO,, Pine Cove


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I hope you enjoy 7 Tips Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know About Online Marketing!  



John Vakidis


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