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Last Friday was an amazing day for me.  Of course, I enjoyed spending time with my wife on Valentine’s Day after work, but I won’t go into those details here.  Before our date night, I had the pleasure of signing two new clients to come on board and I ended my day with a great referral from a new client, Jill Lein at St. Philip’s Episcopal Preschool located in Frisco, TX.  This was the icing on the cake for me!


Here is what Jill had to say…


Not long ago I sat with John Vakidis and he shared with me how his company could completely change the way people interacted with our website on mobile devices. John did a great job of understanding our needs as a school and presented options that not only could make a significant impact for us, but could do so in a way that actually worked within our tight budget.  After talking with John I didn’t think I could afford not to give him a chance.  I have dealt with many marketing representatives over the years and frankly, none of them have delivered the kind of ROI they say they can. John’s company has been completely different! The mobile website looks great, is easy for potential clients to navigate, and has already, in under 60 days, brought four new families to our school. This is what marketing is supposed to do! John and his support team have been great to work with, very professional, and actually have done what they said they would. Working with John has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made as the Director of St. Philip’s Preschool. I highly recommend them to other businesses and organizations seeking to successfully increase their digital presence.



The photo above is screenshot of their Mobile Website.  As you will see it is designed differently than a standard website you might find on your PC/Mac.  When consumers are on a mobile device, they are more likely to take action, especially to call your company or to look for the address/directions.  That’s why when we design mobile websites for our clients, we build them with consumers in mind and how they behave on mobile devices.


First, you’ll find a “Click to Call” button right at the top.  This will help with your conversions!  We also worked with Jill to discuss which pages from her standard website that she wanted on the trimmed down mobile version.  Your mobile website does not need to be as robust as your standard website, but you should provide key information.  She chose a few core pages:

  • About Us
  • Programs
  • Headlines
  • Video
  • Calendar of Events
  • Contact Us


If you were a parent looking to enroll your child in a preschool you just passed, aren’t these pages you would want to access from your phone?   Of course!  She chose to add a link to her videos too.  Many consumers want to learn but they don’t want to necessarily read.  If your online videos get a clear and concise message across, you are more likely to get your phone to ring!


On her website, you will also notice a map located below the Contact Us button.  This is important in case her potential clients want to stop by.  In her business, she wants them to take a tour.  If you own a restaurant, retail store or other “brick and mortar store” you want them to stop by too, right?  The easier you make it for them, the more likely they will come and see you!


Lastly, we linked to her Facebook page (not shown above, but it is located below the map).  It’s not just potential customers that will access her site from a mobile device, but existing clients too.  If you owned a school, you would want all of your parents to Like your Facebook page.  This will help you communicate with them in the future.  Providing them a link and reminds them to join in on the conversation!  This is crucial to your Social Media Strategy.  Your website should link to your social platforms and your social platforms should link to your website.  This creates synergy with your online marketing efforts.


The best part of this story is her comments about her Return On Investment.  I am confident that the FOUR families she signed on as clients far exceeds the cost of her 2 month investment for the mobile website!


So what’s the morale to this story?  Provide your clients a better mobile experience and it will lead to more engagement.  Better engagement will naturally lead to more revenue!


To learn more about Mobile Website Designlet’s talk.  A great mobile website is less than you think and I’m confident you’ll see a strong ROI too!  To take a tour of a great mobile website or to look for a great preschool on the North side of town, visit St. Philip’s Episcopal Preschool on your smart phone:


In your corner,

John Vakidis

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