Search Retargeting

Search Retargeting

Search Retargeting (aka: Display Advertising) is one of the best methods out there to enhance your other online search efforts.  Retargeting also addresses two important aspects for marketing: branding and lead creation.

According to, the average consumer is spending over 5 hours per day online, compared to 4.5 hours of TV.  Consider these facts:

Fact #1

In 2013 – every minute of every day…

  • YouTube users upload 72 hours of new video
  • WordPress users publish 347 new blog posts
  • 571 new websites are created
  • completes 17K transactions
  • Twitter users send over 278,000 tweets
  • And so on……..

Fact #2

While search is crucial to a comprehensive online campaign, it’s not where people spend most of their time online!  Consider your own daily habits of online usage.  At most, I might use search engines 10 times a day to find information for items and services I might need.  I typically don’t spend more than 10 seconds reading before I see what I need and then click on information provided.  That is less than 2 minutes per day on search engines!  If so little time is actually spent on SEARCH (compared to the other 5 hours a day consumers are online), where does the rest of the time go?

Your Challenge

Your challenge is to find a way to leverage your existing search campaign and to remarket to audiences where they are spending the rest of their time online.

Your Solution

Retargeting allows you to drive your ideal prospects to your website while also boosting the performance of your existing online search campaign.


Search ReTargeting
Marketing to those who are looking for you on search engines and info sites that have powerful search tools.

Keyword Contextual
Marketing to those who are interested in your products and services. An example: Someone might be reading an article on Better Homes and Garden about Learning the Basics of Wood Flooring.  The local flooring company could have a banner next to the article for FREE financing for 12 months for wood floors.

Site Retargeting
Marketing to those who are familiar with you. They have visited your website possibly from SEM (paid search) or SEO and they don’t contact you for some reason.  This would allow you to stay in front of them on other sites after they leave your website.


Retargeting allows your business to get seen by …

… consumers who are looking online for your services…
… consumers who have searched online for your competitors…
… consumers who share common demographic traits with your ideal clients…
… consumer who have visited your website, but might not have contacted you.


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