Reputation Management

Reputation Management is a service that enables our team to monitor and understand where your business appears or doesn’t appear online andwhat consumers are saying about your business online.

  •  Shows where online listings are visible or missing
  •  Brings together online ratings & reviews on one page


The importance of making Online Reviews as a part of your overall marketing strategy is huge!  There are multiple benefits to having several reviews online from happy clients.  Below are some facts and articles that you should read on this topic.



  • 70% of Americans say they consult product reviews or consumer ratings before making a purchase.
  • Almost 50% of online adults read ratings and reviews at least once a month, and 19% post them.
  • 34% of bloggers endorse brands and products on their blogs.
  • 84% of Millennials and 70% of Baby Boomers say user-generated online content influences their purchasing.
  • 53% of Twitter users recommend companies and products in their Tweets. ROI Research for Performance, June 2010
  • Quality customer service is vital in building and maintaining a positive reputation online.




Your Reputation Precedes You

Utilizing Reputation Management for Better Customer Service

Controlling Your Company’s Share of Voice Online


What We Offer with Advanced Reputation Management

  • Monthly Status Reports – Peace of mind regarding your online reputation
  • Managed & Improved Visibility – Ensure your listing is accurate and included on relevant sources
  • Management of and Response to Reviews – Reviews of your company are analyzed and approved responses are posted on your behalf
  • Management of and Response to Mentions – Tracking online conversations about your business and joining the conversation if possible


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