Whether you try to do your own online marketing or hire an agency, it’s key that you measure your campaigns!  Measuring your return-on-investment (ROI) will help you decide to continue with a campaign or not.


If you were paying for a tutor for your child, you would hope to see an improvement in grades over time.  You could use test scores before tutoring as your baseline.  Then you could measure time spent on homework, tutoring, and new test scores to see improvement.  Through measurement you will know if you were getting ROI for your tutor or not.


The same goes for internet marketing.  If you are investing time or dollars, measure it!  A good marketing partner will be transparent about measuring your results.  You should stay clear of any marketing partners who shy away from it.  You should also consider skipping anyone who doesn’t have the capability to do it.  Regardless, if they won’t or can’t, it’s not to your benefit.


At 508 Digital, we visit with clients regularly where we review the data with them.  We provide a beautiful client dashboard to log into for all of our digital solutions.  This makes it easy for our clients to monitor all aspects of their campaign.  Transparency makes measurement easy.  It also builds trust between the client and the marketing provider.


Consider meeting with me to receive a FREE Online Marketing Analysis where I’ll show you how you are stacking up online against your top 3 competitors.  I’ll see if you are showing up on your top 3 key terms and give you an overview to our solutions and client dashboard.  I’ll share results with you that our other clients are achieving and I’ll see if you qualify to join our network.


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