Utilizing Reputation Management for Better Customer Service

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Customer Service

As a 20 year seasoned sales professional, I have always believed that great customer service is one of the key reasons people will buy from you, stay loyal to you and recommend you to others.  In other words, take care of your clients and they will take care of you!


According to an article and infographic recently posted by SalesForce (the leading cloud-based CRM company), customer service should be taken quite seriously.  Here are a few takeaways.


Why It’s Time to Take Bad Customer Service Seriously


By using a great Reputation Management Tool/Service, you can take control of the conversation being said about you online.  Turn negative reviews to your advantage.  Respond to customer complaints and earn their business.  You might not only save a potential lost customer, but your response to the review might actually help you gain a new client!  Monitor social media comments, too.  Whether you want to or not, people are talking about your business online.  Who do you want to control your share of voice… consumers or you?


Don’t just listen to what clients are saying about you online, take action!  If you have a bad apple in your bunch, throw it out if needed.  Your leadership and ability to make hard decisions (like firing someone) will prove to the rest of your employees that you take your business seriously.  You can create a culture that embraces great customer service.  You should!  There is a HUGE bottom line impact on your business!


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