Video Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

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Video Production Tips


As a small business owner, you are probably looking constantly for ways to get more traffic to your website or people in your door.  One of the best ways to grab the attention of potential customers is with Video Marketing.  Videos allow you to emotionally connect and can even help with your SEO efforts.  Below are a few tips to help you get started.

There are multiple factors you should consider when using video to market your products and services:


Do you have a knack for writing?  If so, here are some signs that you might be good at it.  You write your content for your website, social media, email marketing, print marketing, etc.  If you don’t have knack for this, consider outsourcing this.  A professional video production service will typically include this.



Do you have the proper equipment to shoot a video?  First is a high quality HD camera.  Secondly, you’ll need a good mic system to pick up voice.  Don’t depend on the camera for this because it will pick up background noise.  A good mic will focus on picking up sound from the person it is attached to.  Do you want effects in the back ground?  If so, you might need a green screen.  These are just a few basucs you should consider having on hand if you plan to produce high quality videos.  You can always use a cell phone, but I’d watch it before I post it.  Your potential clients will make a first impression off of this video.  If it looks cheap, they might be thinking the same about your company.



Do you have the time, expertise or software to do this?  If so, that’s great.  If you can write the script and can produce the video, then if you can edit the footage, you can probably do it yourself.  If you can’t do the first 2 steps above, then you should outsource the work, because editing will be included from a reputable company.


Sharing Tools

Once your video is made and up on YouTube, how do you plan to share it?  Are you going to market it on your website, use it with social media or send it out in an email?  A good email marketing tool, like Constant Contact will allow you to send the video with a player built into the video.  You’ll see a high open rate on your emails if you do it right.  Read last week’s blog for more tips about this.



What do you want consumers to do after they watch the video?  Have a strong call-to-action (CTA) will help you drive revenue.  If you plan to make videos at one per quarter at a minimum, you can add expiration dates in your CTA.  This will get those considering your products or services to take action.  They also know that the next time you put out a video, they they should expect something new and with a new date.  This helps you stay fresh and relevant and drives your consumers to make a decision.



Do you like FREE stuff?  Of course you do and so do your clients!  Consider giving away something after they share the video with their social network.  Consider hosting your video on a business page on social media.  Click here to see my Facebook Business Page.  Make them “LIKE” or JOIN your business page.  Have the video stored on your business page profile.  Get them to share it with their connections.  Once they do that, have them notify you that those steps were completed so they can receive their special offer.  Make sure that this is the only way they can get this promotion and make sure you honor it.  You can giveaway FREE e-books, FREE memberships with a limited time commitment, coupons with big savings, etc.  Keep in mind, the more generous you are the more likely they are to take action.


I hope you found today’s post helpful.  If you would like to consider video production for your business, let’s talk.  I’d like to partner with you to help you succeed and achieve your business goals.  Contact me today!


In your corner,

John Vakidis

PS – and just for fun, below is a hilarious video that promotes, an online learning event for leaders coming May 2014.  This is a well thought out video that allows users to connect through humor.  The promotion for the event is at the end.  If you have ever been on a conference call for work, you can probably relate to the scenario provided.  It’s about 4 minutes in length but definitely worth the time.  Especially if you need a smile today.  Enjoy!

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