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Do you think consumers make purchasing decisions based on reviews online before they buy?  You bet!

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A few months ago, I needed to board my dogs for a family vacation.  I did a search for “dog boarding Frisco TX” and I found several items on the first page of Google.  At the top of the page and to the right I found Pay-Per-Click ads.  Then below, I found a few organic items: business listings from Google+, Yelp reviews and a handful of organic posts to landing pages within business websites.


Before I called any businesses to find out their rates, I read some reviews on Yelp.  If you aren’t familiar with Yelp and how review sites work, watch this short video.  A couple of businesses had 1 or 2 reviews, but two companies really stood out.  One had a ton of positive reviews and another had a ton of bad reviews.  I ended up going with the one with several positive reviews.  They were the most expensive of the places we could board our pets, but my pet’s safety and care was a top priority.  They got my business for 2 dogs for 5 days and baths for both.  To say the least, it wasn’t cheap.  The good news is they were a great place to go, so I am using them again soon, this time for 6 days for both.  The reviews landed them my business.  Their customer service and communication kept me loyal!

In my new e-book, 7 Tips Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know About Online Marketing, I touch on the importance of Reputation Management in Tip #6.  I today’s post, I’m going to elaborate a bit more, but I still recommend that you download the FREE e-book, while the offer is still available.


What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management enables business owners to monitor and understand where their business appears and doesn’t appear, what consumers are saying about their business online and what their share-of-voice is among their competitors.


  •  Shows where online listings are visible or missing
  •  Brings together online ratings & reviews on one page
  •  Features the online source where businesses are being mentioned
  •  Illustrates online prominence compared to competition


Why do you need Reputation Management?

  • You need to list your business on major directory sites and then you need to claim them.  Rep Man helps you do this easily and quickly.
  • It helps you find out where your business is being mentioned online – different sites, etc.
  • It allows you see your share of voice online – how prominently your business shows up in local search results compared to your competition
  • It provides reporting for important keywords for a competitive overview and to see what words are trending online – great for SEO, Blogging and Social Media posts
  • It provides near real-time notifications of positive and negative reviews on review websites – this allows you to reply to your reviews to control the conversation about your business and not leave it in the hands of consumers
  • It provides near real-time notifications of positive and negative mentions across the web including Social Networks – like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


But don’t just take it from me, listen to what Paul Bruemmer (founder of PB Communications) had to say about this in a recent article he had published on titled, Crush The Competition With Hyper Local Listing Management!


Mr. Bruemmer provides a simple roadmap for listing your business on search engines to increase sales.  He explains the following about updating your listings and how important it is…


Verification – When search engines can verify your business across multiple directories, it gives you authority online, which is key to gaining visibility.


Enhancing Your Listings – Many directory sites allow you to provide additional information beyond address, phone and website.  Some will allow you to provide hours, services, photos and more!


Top SERP Placement – Popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, rank businesses the more they know about you.  If you have better and more data online than your competition, you are likely going to rank better.


Updated Information & Data Consistency – Consumers will find you first when this is done accurately and updated on a regular basis.


Paul goes on to provide a case study and then provides his approach to managing an enterprise for local search presence.  This is extremely detailed work.  Without the right tool/service, it can be overwhelming for a small business owner that has other priorities and business issues to address.


This is one area that I recommend hiring an agency like 508 Digital.  Sorry for the shameless plug, but this is one area we are really good and extremely affordable.


It’s Time to Get Reputation Management!

If you join my group on LinkedIn for DFW Marketing Advice, you can leverage my exclusive offer for our Advanced Reputation Management and Mobile Website combo special.  If you aren’t familiar with Mobile Websites, check out a previous post: The Importance of Mobile Marketing.


I hope you found this information helpful.  If you don’t know where to begin with your online marketing, or want to supplement work you are already doing, let’s talk!


In your corner,

John Vakidis

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